Sunday, May 24, 2009

Speak up! (the stepping stone for xclsvworld)

Photography by: xclsv

This composition is what started xcslvworld. I had just got done with school, parted ways with, lost my job, and a few more events in my life. While working with PMK, I had little time to be creative due to school, work and basketball, and the lack of recognition as a artist gave me little room to work with creative wise. This was a point in time in which everything in my life was changing directions, and I felt like so far a lot of aspects in my life were shallow and superficial, including my work. It was time to take my creative mind back to what it used to be when I was a kid, expression. This was my first step towards expressing what is inside of me, my vision, opinion, and what ever I have inside of me.

African makeover show second attempt

African makeover show first attempt


This composition is very dear to me, it is one of my favorite ones! This is the picture that I used for the "Love live life" Creative Recreation custom sneakers.

Xclsv business card banner

Dj Amaz "Block party vol 5: Huey's block" mix tape

lo lo lo, a love like this!

Jaleese "Marylin Monroe" Bibbins

Dj Amaz "Block party vol 4: Obama's block" mix tape

Obama runs the streets! flyer

Marlis birthday bash logo


This room is a portfolio that will showcase some of my photography, but also some of my compositions that will ranging from logo designs, business cards, party/event cards, and many more.